TripAdvisor 2018 Travellers’ Choice Awards

January 29, 2018

Longitude 131° is a TripAdvisor 2018 Travellers’ Choice Award Winner!

Based on the reviews and opinions from millions of travellers, Travellers’ Choice awards are the highest honor TripAdvisor can give – placing the lodge in the top 1% of hotels. In 2018 the lodge is recognised in no less than six categories including Australia’s Top 25 Luxury Hotels and Top 25 Hotels for Service.

To quote a recent guest, Longitude 131° is “Your perfect Uluru experience!”and that’s just the beginning. Read on to hear what reviewer Wilhelmm-Norway had to say:

Longitude 131° is so well done! In a very tasteful, and private setting, you are provided an exclusive and unique introduction to Uluru and Kata Tjuta. It is all so elegantly done that you are left with the impression that the place and staff is there uniquely for you! Service staff is very professional, insightful, still relaxed, and with a great can-do attitude!

The dwellings are fantastic, not only from a functional perspective, but also in terms of architecture, aesthetics and ambience. And, then you have your own private view of Uluru – right in your face – from your terrace and bedroom window!

All meals are excellent: great recipes, you eat well, but right-sized portions. How nice it is to leave the table content but not stuffed every evening! Then dinners are truly special events: Every second night you eat outdoors, stargazing under the most incredible southern hemisphere sky! You have sunset over Kata Tjuta for appetizer, new moon for entree, an amazing Milky way for main course, and a shooting star for dessert! Or even better: experience the same in total privacy with Longitude 131’s dune top dining! Probably the most romantic setting we have ever experienced!

Then there are the excursions! Prepare yourself for early departures to capture the magic of sunrise and the joy of experiencing the different aspects of Uluru, Kata Tjuta and the aboriginal culture in the clear morning hours. Your Longitude 131° guides give excellent introductions and context to it all; and, they provide deep-founded respect and understanding of the sites and culture they are displaying – very well done!

Longitude 131° really made our stay at Uluru very special, and a highlight of our Australia journey! We will recommend, and insist that all our friends visiting Uluru enjoy the privilege of the Longitude 131° experience – magic provided!

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