TripAdvisor Review

November 14, 2017

This is a world class lodge at what seems like the end of the world…

I have been doing reviews since 2009 and have probably given less than ten five star ratings, but the Southern Ocean Lodge deserves more than a five.

We were picked up at the Kingscote airport by two staff members from the lodge and for almost the next hour drove deserted highways to the property. Arriving at the Lodge was impressive, two staff members open the doors and you walk in to a breathtaking view of the Tasman Sea. Quickly a staff member will sit down with you and give you their recommendations on what you should do while you are at the lodge, for the most part we followed their suggestions.

Next we were taken to our room which is down a long descending hall, the room had the same mind blowing view of the water, cliffs and beaches. We stayed in the least expensive room and it was fantastic, I will not go into the various type of rooms but only say the web site is accurate as to description of the accommodations.

All meals and most drinks are included in your basic rate and the food and wine were wonderful, we generally followed the chefs thoughts on what wine to drink with the meal. Included too are snacks and drinks located in your room, you should never be thirsty or hungry at the Lodge.

After lunch we took the Coastal Clifftop Walk with Matthew who did a fine job pointing out and naming all the wildflowers that were blooming when we were there. I would rate the walk as moderate across an uneven trail, it is an out and back that takes around an hour since you stop and take a photo about every ten feet. Excellent walk.

The next day was busy, after breakfast we rode with Poppy to do the Wonders of KI experience to see the landscapes of Kangaroo Island, if you do no other experience do this one. After lunch we did Seal Bay which is a long ride to visit a Sea Lion colony, if you have seen a lot of sea lions in your life these fellows are no different so I would skip this Experience, the gift shop mentioned in the write up is at best OK. Both of these experiences are included in the cost of your stay.

We also did one Bespoken Experience it was the Nocturnal Tour and it was wonderful walking a trail at night in the Hanson Bay Sanctuary seeing the local animals at there most active including the stars of the show, koalas. You can get reasonably close to these marsupial’s you will also visit the Sanctuary on the KI tour and see the critters during the day and that is the time for some photos. Note the Nocturnal tour is an extra cost but well worth.

Our last full day at the Lodge we spent enjoying the beach, the lodge and walking nearby trails. In the late afternoon we did the Kangaroos and Kanapes experience to see the hundreds of kangaroos grazing in an open pasture, this is very near the Lodge and is well worth the time, I got some great photos and videos of the wildlife, again this is included in your basic cost.

Some final comments:

The average stay at the Lodge is three nights and I would recommend this length of time.

If you have some issues with walking the hall to the rooms is long and descends to the rooms and you have to come back up to get to the lobby, restaurant etc. Request a room close to the lobby.

Spend some time and enjoy the lodge.

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