Southern Ocean Lodge

Baudin, Flinders and the Discovery of Kangaroo Island

The discovery of Kangaroo Island and the way it earned its name is a fascinating tale embedded in modern Australian history. Referred to as the Ultima Thule – the farthest reach from European civilisation – Kangaroo Island played an important role in the earliest phase of European contact with South Australia. It is believed Aboriginal […]

Max Pritchard and the Design of Southern Ocean Lodge

In 2002, James and Hayley Baillie made a trip to Kangaroo Island with their young son Finn. They’d been told about a stretch of land along the island’s remote south coast that was for sale which might have been a suitable location to build a luxury wilderness lodge. Capella Lodge on Lord Howe was the […]

Tales From a Guest: Reflecting on Time Well Spent at Baillie Lodges

At Baillie Lodges, we often interview staff for the blog to provide a behind-the-scenes insight into each lodge. For the first time we have chosen to interview a guest for a personal account of a stay at Baillie Lodges. A great friend of Baillie Lodges, Bronwyn regularly travels to Southern Ocean Lodge with her husband […]

Spiky yet loveable: meet KI’s Short-beaked Echidna

Kangaroo Island is renowned as a wildlife mecca, drawing in animal lovers from all over the world. Across the rugged mallee scrub, eucalyptus groves and pristine beaches there is an abundance of free-roaming wildlife, ranging from colourful bird life and impressive reptiles to well-loved native Australian animals such as the kangaroo, koala and the quirky […]

In Focus: The KI Photo Safari

Located a hop away from the South Australian mainland, Kangaroo Island is most celebrated for its pristine natural environment and abundant native wildlife. With more than a third of the island protected in 30 national conservation parks, ‘KI’ (as the locals call it) is renowned as Australia’s own Galapagos, making it a natural attraction for […]

John’s Walk in Wine Cellar

With choice of convivial open bar, in-suite bar and walk-in cellar, guests at Southern Ocean Lodge can easily help themselves to their choice of wine, beer or fix themselves a cocktail. The staff are more than happy to help too! With a commitment to local produce, the lodge showcases the best of South Australian wines […]

Cactus, Caravans and Chef Hats

Former Southern Ocean Lodge staff follow-up with foodie success on Kangaroo Island From a local Kingscote café to an award-winning bistro in Penneshaw and a quirkily refurbished caravan selling bite-sized food and cocktails at Emu Bay, former Southern Ocean Lodge staff have set-up a range of entrepreneurial food outlets on Kangaroo Island. With an abundant […]

Kangaroo Island’s Renowned Ligurian Honey

Kangaroo Island is home to the world’s only genetically-pure population of the renowned Ligurian honey bee. A pure strain of any species is rare these days, especially in the world of bees where continental population shifts resulted in the crossing of species for centuries. Since the bees were first imported in the 1880s from the […]

In Profile: Executive Chef – Asher Blackford

In May 2018 it’s coming up for 12 months since chef Asher Blackford took the lead in the kitchen at Southern Ocean Lodge. With a history of running and owning his own restaurants in Brisbane and Melbourne, the move to take up the role as Head Chef of one of Australia’s best known luxury lodges […]

Southern Ocean Lodge Celebrates a Decade of Excellence

Kangaroo Island’s multi award-winning luxury retreat Southern Ocean Lodge celebrates ten years of operations on March 29th, offering a chance to reflect on the boost generated to the island and South Australian economies over the decade. The Baillie Lodges property envisioned by life and business partners James and Hayley Baillie was an ambitious project for […]