Capella Lodge

Capella Nuptials

It was a spectacular sunset for a very special occasion… The nuptials of Sara and John, who chose Capella and Lord Howe as the place to declare their love for each other, forever more. Congratulations to the beautiful couple, from everyone at Capella! xx

A Kingfisher Calls into Capella

We had a visitor to the lodge this morning. A beautiful Sacred Kingfisher, its azure blue feathers matching the subtropical Lord Howe lagoon called into visit, thinking the reflection in the lodge’s floor-to-ceiling windows meant more blue skies and ocean stretching out before him. Though tempted by the luxurious surrounds, he took a moment to recover […]

Plumed Whistling Duck

Lord Howe’s own naturalist, fisherman and self-confessed bird man, Jack Shick has taken this beautiful picture of the Plumed Whistling Duck, discovered on one of Jack’s island mountain walks. This beautiful duck is a welcome first time visitor to Lord Howe, read about other Lord Howe locals on Jack’s new informative website.

Capella and Lord Howe Island hit high fashion in Harpers Bazaar

Lord Howe Island was the location of choice for the Jurassic Park-inspired fashion shoot for designers Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett’s  ‘Romance Was Born’  label. The fashion shoot features in the October edition of Harpers BAZAAR and represents the collaboration of the designers with Harpers’ annual Project Pink initiative in support of breast cancer research and […]

Memories Uncovered at the ‘Recycle Centre’

From Libby Grant, Capella Lodge Manager: Visiting the Lord Howe Island Tip or ‘Recycle Centre’ is a favorite outing for Mark, General Manager at Capella.  Not only is it the Tip designed to minimize waste being sent off the island, it is also a favorite hangout for any ‘collectors’, Mark being one (you could call […]

Bureau of Meteorology, Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe is fortunate to have its very own Bureau of Meteorology, which has been around for over 100 years. The Met (as it is known to islanders) not only provides much needed climatological data for aircraft using the island’s airstrip, and for sea-faring islanders, it also provides data that can be used all over […]

Golf on Lord Howe Island

Originally developed from a market garden in 1979, the Lord Howe Island golf course has been developed and expanded into one of the most picturesque courses in Australia. It’s a short walk ‘along the way’ for our guests at Capella. From beneath the shadows of Mount Gower and Mount Lidgbird, the course meanders through the lushly […]

A Spiritual Encounter on Mt Gower!

From Lodge Manager Libby Grant: Who says staying on Lord Howe and at Capella Lodge is not a spiritual experience?! If you look south from Restaurant or from the Gower’s Terrce at Capella, towards the peaks of Mounts Gower and Lidgbird you will see what looks like a giant cross that extends across the entire […]

Lord Howe Island – A Living History

From Lodge Manager, Libby Grant: A short history of Lord Howe Island Lord Howe Island and nearby Balls Pyramid had a fiery beginning. They are part of a chain of nine underwater volcanoes that stretches north for a 100km. The dominating, erosion resistant ramparts of 875m Mt Gower and 777m Mt Lidgbird were formed 6.4million […]

The Providence Petrel

It’s March and the Providence Petrel is back on Lord Howe Island. The incredibly rare Petrel once bred in only two places on earth, Lord Howe and Norfolk Island. The bird was named in 1790 after the Norfolk Island supply ship HMS Sirius sank. Norfolk Island’s population survived by eating more than 170,000 of these […]