KI’s Islander Estate Makes its Mark on The Australian

March 21, 2014

Frenchman and celebrated winemaker Jacques Lurton first travelled to Kangaroo Island on his honeymoon in 1997 – he fell in love with the island (as well as his new bride!) and considered it an ideal place to to establish a vineyard.

It was an unlikely match, but he vowed to return, and three years later, he did.

A 300-hectare property located near Parndana in Kangaroo Island’s heartland came up for sale and ticked all Jacques’ prerequisites for the natural surrounds; north facing slopes, access to water, heritage vegetation.

In 2000, Jacques planted an 11-hectare vineyard with the varieties Jacques had enjoyed working with around the world – cabernet franc, malbec, sangiovese, shiraz, grenache, viognier and semillon.

Today, The Islander Estate proudly produces a range of premium wines – including blends and varietals – reflect the earthy qualities of the European grape varieties as well as the cool breeze that brings the rains from the Southern Ocean.

A Frenchman producing European-style wine on Australia’s third largest island is an intriguing story, and this unique blend features in The Australian’s WISH magazine – here’s an excerpt:

It is difficult to find two more dissimilar places than the rural landscape of Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia and Bordeaux, France’s historic epicentre of fine wine.

One is a small, wealthy city, with picturesque buildings and esplanades, many created thanks to the humble grapevine. The other is an idyllic agricultural oasis where animals graze with million-dollar views overlooking the Southern Ocean. Yet the two are linked by the regular presence of Jacques Lurton.

The Lurton name is wine royalty in Bordeaux. The family roots stretch back more than 300 years with various well-regarded chateaus having passed through their hands. Growing up in the Lurton family gives an aspiring winemaker connections that money can’t buy and a ticket to work in every wine region around the world…

You can read the rest of the story here, and find out more about the Islander Estate straight from the source at