Capella Lodge

In Profile: Executive Chef – Cooper Dickson

Capella Executive Chef Cooper Dickson spends his time away from the kitchen on the hunt for food – either fishing the oceans surrounding the tiny island in the Tasman Sea for its abundant tuna and kingfish or roaming Lord Howe’s sheltered coves and hidden shores for the chance to forage for edible sea vegetables. A […]

Caitlin’s Adventures on Lord Howe Island

Capella’s resident naturalist guide, Experiences Manager Caitlin Woods came to Capella Lodge on World Heritage-listed Lord Howe Island to joining the lodge’s restaurant team. Multi-talented for sure, Caitlin’s true skills and interests quickly showed to be in the great outdoors, and the qualified marine biologist began to put together interpretive nature excursions around the island […]

In Bed With… Capella Lodge

Coral seen from the sky on arrival and the promise of perfect days on Lord Howe, so begins photographer and hotel reviewer Rhiannon Taylor’s stay at Capella Lodge. Checking out of the internet and any mobile phone coverage, Rhiannon quickly gets the off-grid luxury and relaxed, stylish vibe on offer at the lodge. A surprise […]

Bruce Goold Revisits Capella Lodge

Capella’s most recognisable design feature is the screen print of Lord Howe Island’s own Kentia palms designed by artist Bruce Goold and replicated in cool blues and soft greens, reflecting the tone of the island. Made famous by the popular ‘Mambo’ surf wear designs of the 1980’s, Bruce’s laid back island-themed works are transformed in […]

Mt Gower Challenge

Lord Howe Island resident Ollie Whistler has made local history and taken title of the Mount Gower Challenge, beating his father’s 18 year held record by just 47 seconds. The annual challenge draws crowds of islanders and visitors as onlookers, but the course itself is for the intrepid only, as it rises 600 metres above […]

I WISH | Capella Lodge on Lord Howe Island

The Australian’s monthly WISH Magazine is full of things to add to your wish-list, and here in this month’s edition is … the magic Lord Howe Island. Capella features (naturally!) along with a host of things to enjoy whilst on the world’s most subtropical coral island… Read the full story here, and keep adding to […]

Popular Food Blogger Not Quite Nigella Visits Capella

I am the world’s worst meditator.  Alas it’s simply a skill that has until now, completely eluded me. It seems ironic that after all of these years, meditation should suddenly come to me. I am sitting on a balcony, on soft cushions framing my buttocks with a landscape of Kentia palm trees and blue water facing me. […]

Capella Nuptials

It was a spectacular sunset for a very special occasion… The nuptials of Sara and John, who chose Capella and Lord Howe as the place to declare their love for each other, forever more. Congratulations to the beautiful couple, from everyone at Capella! xx

A Kingfisher Calls into Capella

We had a visitor to the lodge this morning. A beautiful Sacred Kingfisher, its azure blue feathers matching the subtropical Lord Howe lagoon called into visit, thinking the reflection in the lodge’s floor-to-ceiling windows meant more blue skies and ocean stretching out before him. Though tempted by the luxurious surrounds, he took a moment to recover […]

Plumed Whistling Duck

Lord Howe’s own naturalist, fisherman and self-confessed bird man, Jack Shick has taken this beautiful picture of the Plumed Whistling Duck, discovered on one of Jack’s island mountain walks. This beautiful duck is a welcome first time visitor to Lord Howe, read about other Lord Howe locals on Jack’s new informative website.