A Living Memory | Southern Ocean Sourdough

November 5, 2012

One of the most popular masterclass activities Chef Tim Bourke runs during the annual KI Food Safari at Southern Ocean Lodge is making sourdough bread.

Using Southern Ocean Lodge’s own starter, which has its own origins in the Laucke family mill in mainland Adelaide, guests on the Food Safari learn how to make the delicious, chewy, slightly sour bread in advancing steps over several days.

Turns out, Southern Ocean Sourdough is as addictive to make as it is to eat!

Tim always offers a ‘take home’ starter to all his baking converts, and has so far had letters from three guests who have returned home but are keeping the Southern Ocean memory alive by baking sourdough at home everyday.

Here’s what Caroline had to say about her husband Peter:

… I meant to tell you that Peter did the sour dough bread making course and is now becoming very proficient in supplying the family with the most delicious healthy bread.

We haven’t purchased any bread since arriving home nursing his precious starter in my handbag. He’s even becoming adventurous and has made a beautiful fruit loaf and multi seed rolls.

Could you please pass this on to the staff in the kitchen who gave the lessons. It would be nice for them to know that their knowledge has been gratefully  passed on to the many hungry stomachs in our family.

Might I also add that Peter can barely boil an egg, so for him to be baking bread is a miracle. I think because it is quite scientific and involves some calculation re times etc appeal to his scientific/ accounting mind!

Thanks again for a holiday and adventure that will stay with us as one of the best.